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Five Interior Projects That Dress Up Your Home

home decorating ideas
Does your kitchen need new life? Is your living room boring? Adding decorative elements can transform bland spaces into rooms that look finished and sophisticated. Here are a few features that can help you create a polished look in your home.

Crown Molding — Whether simple or ornate, this decorative trim contributes a stylish finish and draws the eye up to the ceiling. Though it can be challenging for the beginning DIYer, adding crown molding can enhance the visual interest of a dull room and increase the value of your home.

Wainscoting — Made up of boards or paneling, wainscoting extends from the floor partway up the wall and is often paired with molding. (Wood is traditionally used for wainscoting, but these days other materials are also common.) Though it was originally added to rooms that received a lot of wear and tear like kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, wainscoting is now associated with a more formal look and can be installed by an experienced handyman.

Chair Rails — Chair rails are often used in addition to crown molding or wainscoting. This feature is applied horizontally around the perimeter of a space at about one-third of the room’s height. Chair rails are used to create visually pleasing proportions.

Ceiling Medallions — These decorative disks are often used in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms to highlight a hanging light fixture. Medallions come in all sizes and styles and are relatively simple to install.

Faux Ceiling Beams — Create the look of exposed structural beams at a fraction of the cost and labor of the real thing. Available in a variety of materials, faux ceiling beams add character and charm. If you choose wood, you’ll likely need help installing the beams due to weight and safety concerns.

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