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★★★★★ Great job!
Reviewed by Randall in Dallas on 2014-09-13 "They came out right away. Their estimate was very reasonable. They worked quickly with no mess. Very satisfied."
★★★★★ Dimensional Contracting Services
Reviewed by William in Arlington on 2013-06-07 "I investigated 5 different companies over a 2 week span before hiring these guys. This included insurance verification, BBB, and various consumer complaint sites. These guys had no issues at all. I've read that it's common to have delays, rescheduling of appointments and other aggravating factors when dealing with contractors. I had NONE of this with Billy. He delivered everything he promised and made the entire process hassle free. I am very satisfied and highly recommend him."

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Frequently Asked Questions – Attic Insulation | Roof Replacement

How much attic insulation do I need?

How much attic insulation you need depends on several factors. The Department of Energy recommends R-38 here in North Texas, but many energy efficient homes in our area install up to R-60. But... before "maxing it out" we recommend you first consider your personal needs. Do you intend to live in the home long term? Or rent it to a tenant? Or sell the property? We will discuss these factors with you and provide expert insight. We feel it's better to inspect your entire attic space first and make an assessment of your particular needs so you can make a smart decision and get the quickest return on your investment.

Do I need to remove my old attic insulation before installing new insulation?

Normally, no. You do not need to remove your old attic insulation before installing new insulation. But, in certain circumstances you should. If you've had a pest infestation such as rodents, mice, squirrels... it is highly likely your attic insulation has food, urine and feces - so yes, you definitely want the old insulation removed. Another reason to remove old attic insulation is to improve air quality by removing dust and other harmful materials that might affect your living space. We recommend following this rule of thumb: It is perfectly fine to add new attic insulation over the top of old except when the old is likely to have a negative effect on your health and / or indoor air quality.

Do you recommend fiberglass attic insulation or cellulose?

We strongly recommend blown-in fiberglass attic insulation. Here's why. Cellulose is a recycled-paper material which can be very dusty, settle and break down over time losing insulating value. Blown-in fiberglass attic insulation on the other hand, is a much lighter material, is dust free, formaldehyde free, won’t settle and provides better overall indoor air quality.

How does radiant barrier work?

Radiant barrier works by keeping heat out of your attic in summer and keeping heat in during winter. Here's how: Radiant heat transfers from warm to cool. Radiant barrier reflects the transfer of heat across air spaces. For example, the heat we feel when we walk past a wood stove or a space heater is radiant heat. We don't need to actually touch the stove to feel the heat. A radaint barrier placed between you and the stove will reflect the heat back toward the stove. Installing a radiant barrier in your attic space reflects summer heat from entering your attic space and transferring in to your living space. While in winter, heat from the interior of your home rises in to your attic space and does not pass through, but reflects, retaining heat and keeping your living space more comfortable. Because your heating and cooling system doesn't have to run as much to maintain your desiered comfort, this has a significant effect on lower your utility bills.

Will adding radiant barrier to my attic affect my cell phone reception?

No. Adding our radiant barrier to your attic will not affect your cell phone reception.

I already have attic insulation. Do I really need radiant barrier?

Even if you have sufficient attic insulation, adding radiant barrier will keep you more comfortable and lower your heating and cooling costs. Savings can vary depending on factors such as your home's construction and configuration, materials used, family size and lifestyle... but on average, you can expect to reduce your heating and cooling costs by 15% to 25% and add years of service to your heating and cooling unit(s).